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On Sept 9th we welcomed a new exhibit by Karen Linduska and Adam Sobas that continues to run until October 22nd. Karen Linduska's thread painting fiber works adorn the walls with incredible colors and textures as unique quilted hangings of all sizes. Priced and available for purchase. Karen Linduska is known for her artistry, teaching and authorship across the country as an exhibitor and television instructor. Adam Sobas filled the rooms with hand carved and sculpted works of various woods, acrylics, stones and jewels. Many of Adam's sculptures are available for purchase until Oct 22nd.

On Sept 23rd we hosted a Children's Art Class - Nail & String Art - where young artists created their own Dinosaur, Heart or Name on a wooden board.

On Sept 30th - A rapt audience listened to renowned Pulitzer finalist Gregg Jones recount his path as a journalist and author. Gregg Jones is a previous resident and graduate of Poplar Bluff Senior High, class of 1977.

On Sept 30th - The Daughters of the Revolution presented Rose Anne Huck with the National Women in Art Award for her generosity and support as an accomplished painter and graphic artist Rose Anne Huck is a current member of the MHAM Board of Directors and resident of Poplar Bluff. - ©. Margaret Harwell Art Museum, City of Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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